Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There are a couple of times when your life takes a drastic change. The first one probably is your first independent breath, closely followed by the first food and all these first things you do in the early stages of your life. After that comes going to school, and freeing yourself from the bonds of your parents for the first time, bit by bit.
When one gets older the first puppy love takes its toll, resulting in a wet pillowcase when you cry yourself to sleep once it is over; a lot of things happen over and over again until you finally end up with the partner you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with; this is anohter one of these pivotal stages in your life. Moving in with somebody or going to live together is quite a big step to take but if it works out you will wonder how you ever survived on your own. Getting over the barriers which life tends to put up for one is just part of the aging process; if you don't learn from them it will happen over and over again and one day you'll see how things work out for the better for both and maybe there will be a score where you beat life 1-0 for just that moment.
Right now we have stepped in to another big change. Once a couple takes up the responsability to not only live together but to also to take the responsability for the raising of a little human being, whether it be their own or adopted or just an alien put here from another planet to learn the culture of the homo sapiens sapiens, life takes on a dimension which in my opinion is even more radically changing then all of the others. The focus of ones life is no longer on oneself but moved towards this little creature that needs your care just to survive. After all, your partner(s) up till then could (in most cases) take perfect care for themselves.
It is a little marvelous wonder of natural ingenuity how a baby grows up. It fills our house with coo's and boo's and burps and diaperchanges but you gladly forget being peed on, burped up on, spit on, drooled on (...) for just one of these special smiles that say "I like you"... "Play with me" ... "You have a funny looking face" ... "Tickle me again" etc.