Thursday, July 06, 2006

Well,... quite some changes since the last entry.
  • Exams are finished; the lines of people trodding from the station to the exam rooms are gone and replaced by wobbly people coming from pubs where they celebrate the end of the same exams that made them line up so nicely. Wobbly targets are harder to hit but a lot more fun to watch.
  • I have been elected as GrandMaster of yet another student organisation, an order of graduates and ex-students from different schools in Belgium with different language as well as religious backgrounds. As one of the few Dutch speaking members it is quite an honor to be elected as chairman.
  • And maybe, no surely, the most important change in my life the last few days is the birth of our son, Thyl Luc Anthony Chielens. I cut the umblical cord on sunday, july 2, 2006 at 2.17 pm and so became officially the 'deliverer' of my baby. He is the cutest, loveliest, warmest and just most fantastic baby I have ever seen (or had for that matter). Mom and baby are doing well. Pictures at his own website.