Monday, May 15, 2006

In the past week I had several requests for some new information on myself, the world and my views on both of these things. I guess it is time I gave in to the pressure of the mob that is currently planning to hold a mass manifestation if I don't write something quickly.

For those of you unaware of the big changes in my life:

a) I cut my hair
b) I am going to be a father soon

I know that A. will leave most of you in shock and horror and that B. will probably have some of the (feminine) readers go 'oooooh' (whether it be from enthusiasm, sheer emotion or a direct regret that they won't be the mother, I can not say and dare not to ponder about too much).

Last weekend was marvelous. I spent it with the mother to be (see B.) away from all the sorrow, troubles and political maneuvering that have filled the last few weeks around the VUB. It was good to be out and about without the hassle of mail seeping in every few minutes and without the constant urge to check if anyone posted anything on a forum which might or might not but probably should be answered as soon as possible. It was a good way to discover the attention span I still seem to have for conversations with my wife and to find out that I do not die if I don't check my mail at least every hour. (To be honest, I did bring my laptop and I did check mail but only twice daily... once in the morning, once at night).

On the field of research everything seemed to be dead but spring, which finally arrived in Belgium, seems to have brought new life, even there. A little twig of hope is springing and who knows may eventually bring a nice flower (or a giant redwood given enough time). We'll see. My first mission now is to travel to Scotland for a seminar on Evolutionary Approaches to Culture, Cognition and Communication.

I'll keep you posted.
If you bug me enough.

Current mood: Rather good thanks to the weekend
Current music: none (Shock! Horror!) (although the Heartbeats from Jose Gonzales is playing in my head)