Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Almost a month and no complaints yet from avid readers who notice that their favorite, or at least popular enough to check so now and then, piece of internetculture and selfpropagation has not yet been updated. Maybe I should conclude from that that the number of actual readers is in strong decline but as far as that is considered I'm going to go in denial and pretend nothing happened that could possibly point to a deterioration of my popularity.

It will not remain this easy to ignore. In the near future there will be a newer version of me who wants all the attention and the beautiful hot females that once looked at me and sprained their neck from staring behind their back when walking past me will now ogle the baby instead of me. And so it goes in this circle of life. Fathers get beaten by their offspring even before they are born. Even now the stares start going to the belly of my wife, so very obviously bulging with new life. At night you can see the movements inside through the skin. Little small temporary bumps where the baby kicks, little arms and little legs stretching out and causing interruptions in the smooth roundness of the comfortably warm cavity.

A few more months now before this new being will be placed upon this earth, breath the first gasps of air, make the first noise, have the first diaper changed... . I look forward to this moment as a small kid would look forward to the first day of school, anxious but a bit afraid as well, not knowing what will come but being full of expectations. Very soon now we'll have to prepare the mother-bag for when things would suddenly go faster than planned. We need to get the invitations ready, get the traditional candy surprises for friends and family... We have decided on things already, we have made the baby registry (@Colruyt - ask for list 1088) and we're almost agreeing on a name. The future looks good, blue skies with patches of white clouds drifting slowly but surely upon the untouched sky.