Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Edinburgh II

This afternoon I wandered around town. Weather here is sunny and warm. I saw the national gallery and was just astonished. Saw originals from rembrand, rubens, a vermeer ( real one, from 5 cm distance), el greco, van dyck, titiaan, jan steen; dutch school, italian school, flemish, scottish (well yes, it's the scottish national gallery)... ) It was really magnificent, so great i immediately bought the catalogue when I was at the end of the exhibition. After that i walked around town some more, getting my needed suninflux that i have been lacking the last few weeks in brussels. Edinburgh is a very beautiful city. Full of old historical buildings and nice things to see. The Scott monument made me think of a mini orthank. I walked throughout the town and visited a couple of bookshops, whiskyshops and souvenir shops but didn't end up with much.

The view from my room at Edinburgh University is amazing. And that is just 15 minutes walking from the city center. It must be great to have a view like that when you wake up with a hangover after too much to drink in one of the bars in the area. This entry I'm typing (21:30/22:32) in one of the university owned bars, the centro bar. Very stylish, very wide choice of drinks, food and an excelent service. Internet in a bar is somehow a very unsocial behavior but it's not like reading a book is so much better. At least I talk to people, lots of people, online (why do you think this entry is so short... didn't get to write much a all...)