Sunday, August 06, 2006

We are truly blessed. All around us we heared the horrorstories from parents who get almost no sleep at night and suffer all day long from crying babies and fits of random anger and distress, much to the discomfort of both baby (who can't express what is going on) and parent (who lacks sleep and is therefor even more vulnerable to all kinds of things). Nothing of that here. Ofcourse he cries and screams occasionally but we are starting to recognise the patterns a bit. waaaaaaaaaaaaah means 'hunger', weeeeeeeeeeeeei means 'diaper', waaah-weeei-waaah-weeei means ambulance passing by (doh!). Sometimes he needs to be picked up and then we just pick him up and carry him close to us. Being close to mom and dad seems to bring some kind of comfort; apparently this feeling changes once they are around the age of 13/14 so we are enjoying it while it lasts.
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