Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Edinburgh I


On board of a small plane, heading for Birmingham. Under me the clouds that look like hills, covered with a thick layer of untouched snow. It is one of the most peaceful sights I know, looking at the clouds or the ocean from high above. The world is peaceful that way. No signs of pollution, wars, racism, politics,... only the observer, the plane and the humming of the plane engines.
Breakfast. Finally. A croissant with cheese that probably wasn't even fresh when they made it but which tastes as heaven to the stomach of someone who has been awake since little after five. Coffee that reenergizes the sleepy mind and a blueberry muffin that... well... tastes like a blueberry muffin you get on planes and does nothing except hiding the taste of the aforementioned breakfast.
Only slightly more than half an hour after take-off the clouds have disappeared and the english countryside shows its glory in patches of different shades of green. Roads clearly visible from the skies, people/cars/animals are completely gone. So long and thanks for all the... eh... aquatic animals.
Meanwhile I'm trying to quickcharge my ipod to survive long enough to listen to my music on the second flight (Birmingham - Edinburgh) before arriving in the hotel where I can fully charge my darling for another couple of hours.

8.27 Approaching Birmingham. Laptops switched off please... I'm glad to abide. 7 minutes and we'll be on the ground. So long.

Still another 27 minutes to wait before we take off. I'd guess that boarding will start pretty soon but nothing has been announced so far. *dingdong* oh bother... I shouldn't have said anything. just been called to board.
So long... again :)