Sunday, March 19, 2006

Where at other times I seem to have been crushed under piles of work and felt as if I could hardly bare the weight now it is different. A whole lot of mists have cleared up around me and even VZV20(05) seems to come to an end. The baby is on its way and all seems to be fine (or at least that is what the doctor tells us).
I have learned to take it a bit easier maybe or maybe I am just realizing that life is only really going to be hell after our child is born. We will see and just take it as it comes. Meanwhile I'm trying to get some sleep while we still can :)
A whole bunch of people had their birthday last week. Congrats Mattias, Bart & Pieter. And congrats to my wife, who is now a bit heavier than normal but with a damn good reason :)