Saturday, December 16, 2006

And so we set off again towards the US. Trying to impress people by getting out a powerbook on the plane whereas they all have their 'normal' pc laptops to play/work with. I must say that it works like a charm. The envy in their eyes alone should be a motivation for a lot of them to demand macs next time they can order laptops at work. 
We are, at the moment of writing, somewhere half way between Brussels and Newark, closing in to Canada and right below the most southern point of Greenland. It was not as easy getting on board as it normally is. Having a kid changes a lot, even when it comes to that. 
First of all the airport had a new system of some sort to do the checkins. Apparently this system is still under development (although already deployed) and the idea of infant seats is not something they thought of when coding. This means that we had to be checked in manually. This seems to have resulted in us loosing the seats we had reserved and ending up sitting appart with no bed for the baby and with a general feeling of anger, discomfort and annoyance because someone else had gotten 'our' places. Flight attendends were called, gate responsibles were summoned and in the end an alternative solution was found so we could sit together and still have a basinet at our disposal. 
The reminder of the flights has gone without any problems. Security checks were made, swabs were swabbed, fingerprints read and pictures taken. It actually feels good to be back in this country, that, after all these years, feels a bit like a home to me as well.