Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So, news is out... my wife is pregnant and i'm going to be a daddy. I have been busy as hell being worried and trying to get the idea in my head that inside my wife is this little human being growing and moving.
We have been so lucky to already have seen the baby two times now. One times when the baby was ten weeks old and once last friday. It is so amazing to see that this little 3 inch and somthing/1o cm tall creature is already a full human being thing. We saw little hands, little feet, it moved and if I was a bit more sappy now I'd think it actually waved at us... one problemn... it did not sit still for a tiny little bit and we had the hardest time getting good pictures. Fortunately the doctor was able to present us with two... a close-up of the face (I think it's imitating Rodin's Masterpiece) and one full picture... Enjoy!