Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm aware that I have not posted anything for a while now. Maybe it would be better to just end this blog if I can not keep posting to it, maybe it would be better to take away this site and give you back the time that you all spend looking if anything has changed, only to be left with disappointment.
I have finally taken the decision that my time has come to leave my job here at the VUB. I have indicated in my yearly progress that I don't plan to do anything next year and that I am at the end of my ideas on how to evolve my phd in a direction that will be scientifically correct as well as satisfying to myself. We will see how things evolve after this. I am now going to try and find a job with more vigor than I already had, as I need to find something before my final weeks/months at the VUB are over. I want to start working instead of feeling like the only thing I do is sitting at my desk reading papers and writing scientific nonsense.

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