Friday, December 22, 2006

Half past five PM. We set off around eleven this morning towards New Orleans and we are now closing in towards the border of South Carolina and Georgia and attempting to reach Atlanta before we stop for the night. I am installed in the back-seat on my own. Theresa and Thyl sit in front of me on the second row and up in front are mom and dad. It allows me to have a laptop open and stretch my legs (sideways). It equally allows me to make silly faces for the baby and try to distract him a bit from the fact that it has been sitting in the car for a few hours straight without any chance to get a clean diaper (you can not change a diaper or do anything that would take the baby out of the baby-seat while you're driving).
The car is packed as if we are going on a trip for several months. 5 people 4 laptops, at least 6 suitcases, 3 bags with different junk foods, an ice-chest, a baby bed + mattress and stroller. We had to get an extra U-Haul trailer to put everything in because the van was just to small.
11 PM. We arrived in a small village right upon entering Georgia and checked in to the local Sleep Inn. I don't think it will be very long until we will be sleeping. The ride has been tiring, the baby is tired, Tess as well and I could use some sleep to adjust again to the fact that my legs can stretch out here, before I lock them into a car-position again (which varies a lot). As you can see we did not make it to Atlanta. After driving for so long we just did not want to do another couple of hours anymore and then have to find a place to spend the night. Instead we'll leave here tomorrow morning early and try to make up for the time we lost today (by leaving late, due to moms and wives packing last minute) (those with packing moms or wives will certainly understand what I mean).