Wednesday, November 16, 2005

ok ok, i'm bad. i admit. too long again without a note from me to say that I still think of you all and have plenty of time left to write you and tell you about that. WRONG. I've actually been spending most of my days with useful things like sleeping, coughing my lungs out, taking hot steamy baths and repeating from the beginning. Ok, I have also spend time just sitting behind my computer doing nothing but hey... what's new and what is exciting about thát? Exactly... not very much.
Well, on friday I have to be better for the yearly feast of fools here in Brussels... St-V, celebration of the one and only Theodore Verhaegen whom I have been able to lift up to the 51st spot in the ranking of most important Belgians. Hooray me! Hooray Verhaegen! Hooray day of no regrets, lots of booze and lots of women... kindof.

Current Mood: Coughing (is that actually a mood?)