Monday, August 01, 2005

So, dear readers...

Where I still have no idea who you all really are, it seems, if only from the counter here, that this blog is at least read by some. I am sure that there are more fun things around on the Internet, I am also quite sure that it is not a nice view of some part of my personality you get by reading this. For those of you who think you get a full view into my own feelings through these lines, please think again. It is, after all, still censored by my brain and by what I feel capable of sharing and putting online.

In all words of darkness one should not forget the bright sparks that are not visible at all times. Not everything is black, sometimes colors fade under the influence of the shroud that is draped over them.

Deep down, I'm not a pessimist, I think. I'm a melancholic optimist, though the difference is not always that clear.


Your K.