Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Not much inspiration today. I have spent it reading a bit, eating a bit, listening to music and talking to my officemate here. They brought back our very nice color laser printer so I had to kick it and beat it up a couple of times before it would connect to the network (last time we had to offer a virgin and dance around it while chanting so today was not too bad).

The remainder of the day I spent testing the printer and making a new compilation CD for a friend of mine. It was the perfect excuse to play around a bit with some software which I had not discovered before on Lysander. It seems like discus can do nice things to do cover design of custom made CD's. I only miss the function to export CD titles from toast to discus.

I'm still waiting for my new hard disk to arrive. I need diskspace! My music collection is growing and it already has taken over half of my hard drive... With it will also come my airport express which will make it possible to have my computer-stored music available in the living room without having to put a stack of cables through the apartment.

Let's hope the goodies come quick. I'm in need of diversion!

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