Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Waaah it moved!

ok ok. my apologies. I have completely forgotten about this little place on the web since the beginning of august. Shame on me. Big shame. So much has happened since.... don't really know where to start.

First of all...

We moved. We that is the wife, the cats and me. As some of you may have known, and others have heard as a rumor or suspected, we had a rough period last few months but we're back together. Our new place is bigger, more light, more place to fling stuff all around and, finally, a bath! Yaaaaay we have a bath *jumps around with joy*. I had wanted this nice feature for a while now and finally I can come home, all stressed up and plunge into the depths (well... about 35cm or so) of a tub filled with steamy hot water. mmmm.. .just thinking about it really wants me to rush home and go and lie down and do nothing for an hour.

Zangfeest. To say that I'm involved in the organization of VZV20(05) is just a small historical detail. I'm the main coordinator and it is costing me the best years of my life due to stress and most of my spare time (not to mention the things I do for it while I'm at my job).

To listen to: mp3's on my new iPod (which i called iDfix).
To read: Shadow of the Wind (by Carlos Ruiz Zafon) - very good book. READ IT!
To do: prod me if I wait too long to update this page.
To find: more time!
To wait for: Release of new Harry Potter movie.
Kisses to: all of you for your patience.
Kuddos to: the one who prodded me to update (you know who you are.)

Current mood: busy busy busy