Thursday, July 07, 2005

I know it has been quiet on this side of the web lately. I don't even know how many of you read this blog at all; I figure there are a couple of readers anyway as the post count outnumbers my own views of the blog; actually, I only check it myself right after posting, just to see if everything is still ok. It's like writing a diary and never reading it after that. Maybe, if this stays up long enough, I will, one day, browse through some older issues of the Muttering Heights and relive some memories. On the other hand, I'm vague enough not to have to be confronted with too many things that may hurt me or others more than give you the benefit of some light reading entertainment.
It is hard to write and still keep private life a bit 'masked' or hidden from the readers and still provide some information about what is going on.
Ah well; those of you who know me will know why I'm going through a difficult time right now and those of you who don't know me... why are you reading this anyway?
Love to all. Comfort to those who need it.