Monday, June 13, 2005

The hallways are filled with students that frantically act as if doomsday is just around the corner. They walk around dressed more carefully then they would normally do and even the most noteworthy absentee is now holding coursenotes. These miraculous times are known as 'exams'.
For other people at the university it is quite a pleasant sight. It reminds us of those days in our recent (or less recent for those older professors and researchers) past where we too stood there and were about ready to burst from stress and nerves. The first time one encounters this general mood without being part of the festivities it leaves quite a special feeling. You start wondering if you too were so childish, nervous and hopeless, if you too had the desperate look in your eyes or if one was more calm and restricted in those days. Unfortunately as a young researcher there are quite some people still around that can tell you that you were at least that bad... .
I will have to wait until I get older and those with memories have faded away or left before I can truely gloat.