Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I was told I have a boring life. I guess people who say that only have a limited view of what all I do and do not understand that I'm busy with 101 things. Admitted, I don't write them all down but then again, why should I? Anyone who wants a full account of my life isn't entirely sane anyway... not that I would like to stand for the sanity of people who take the time to read this nonsense on a daily base.

Today was busy, stressie and just overwhelming. Got the visit of a friend at my office. That at least was a nice moment of the day. We didn't say all that much that really made sense but even social chat can be nice or even just the feeling of being together and not sitting there on my own the whole day. Before and after the visit I worked on on my paper; trying to find (scientific) sources about greeting rituals and oral cultures.

Hooray for Google Scholar, for my nice bookcollection and for the journal articles that can be accessed through the universities library website. Unfortunately only 'recent' articles can be found there so no luck if you're trying to find an article from the eighties from one or other american culture magazine about the 'current' folksong tradition.

Tonight was spent trying to order traintickets for my trip to the UK next week. The British railway pages are a mess. You can apparently only order railway tickets in advance if you use a British postal code (nevertheless you can select 'Belgium' as a country in the whole procedure). I used the code of the university I'm going to visit and hope it will not give any problems if I try to pick up the tickets. After several hours we figured out a way to arrange the trip. It wasn't quite the night I had had in mind.

Around 11 the difficult task finally came to an end and it was (finally again) time for some relaxation. Strawberry and Cream (Häagen-Dazs), Skip-Bo (Mattel) and Finlaggan (probably a spin-off from the Islay whisky 'Lagavullin')... and after that... bed!

btw... did you see the tiptoeing squid? =>