Saturday, April 02, 2005

The first of April may be fools day to the rest of the world, in the small world of historians (or people with a healthy interest in the history of the Low Countries) it means the beginning of a change in the European situation of the Spanish reign. The first of april was the day where the "gueux/geuzen" took hold of the little town of "den Briel". Armed with some cannons, the fleet of the sea-gueux (litteraly 'beggers') took over this little town in the Low Countries, showing their support to the Dutch throne and their dislike and hatred of the 'papal - Spanish' troops. (more info on this page.)

To remember the 433'th birthday of this event we went with a couple of friends to visit the little town and the reƫnactment of the events. It was a beautiful day, warm, sunny, lots of people in traditional outfit, a small town-festival with lots of (bad/Dutch) beer (Heineken and other things we prefer not to name 'beer'). We saw the boat arrive, the negotiations, the hanging of the commander of the Spanish troops, etc. and also took the opportunity to visit the town-museum and take a good look at the local beauties.

This nice day ended with an outdoor grilling and eating and singing and drinking session by the "Gilde", an organisation to promote the correct singing of student songs in Brussels. It was good food but got a bit cold towards the end. Ah well; such is life.