Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Today was busy. Tuesday is closing in and I still don't have tickets to get to Hertfortshire to go and do my thing at the AISB conference. This morning I went over to the railwaystation but apparently they can not give me the necessary tickets just until there. It's going to be a matter of days probably before my pincode arrives and then I'll put it on my creditcard. Hooray for advanced banking.

Afterwards I spent the day sitting in my office trying to come up with an article to write about the importance of multilingual cultures and meanwhile working on a style/template for the Jom-Emit. It proved to be a succesful venture as far as the beginning of a template is considered.

Also talked to a friend who needed an ear and shoulder... guess it is both the joy and burden of instant messaging.

Current Mood: Very Tired