Monday, April 04, 2005

Sunday was a day of drinking and visiting breweries. It was fun and in the end we were a bit tipsy (at least I was) but had had a nice day. I collapsed between 7 and 8 and spend the rest of the night being very tired and attempting to fall asleep again but failing miserably.

A busy day today. After going to Ikea on saturday we took the time to arrange everything in our livingroom to use the new shelvespace as well as we can. This called for major interventions from dust-brooms, compressed air and water. The result is pretty good but needs some work.

We also bought a new powertool today: a drill. Yes you read it well, I'm going to do some more handy-man stuff and we started with drilling some holes to put up the newly bought messageboard, the towelrack and other things we still had to put together after the Ikea visit that required drilling. (well actually, towelrack and messageboard... that was it :-) )

In the night we canceled the planned grilling outside party with my brother because of divine intervention (rain). We ended up rearranging some more and then eating the meat we had gotten to gril (but then just made in the pan at home). Afterwards it was time to play some games (Pente and Yinsh). That sums it up for today. Not much variation but very nice anyway. Working on the place you live somehow gives you a feeling that there might just be a future somewhere out there....

Current Mood: Tired but Satisfied