Monday, March 21, 2005

Seems like the sun is here to stay. Nicely on time for the beginning of spring. People seem much nicer and where the VUB was covered in snow and you could hardly see any grass due to the spoils of winter, one can now hardly see the grass thanks to the students scattered all over it.

Jan de Wilde, a flemish singer songwriter says it all:
De bloempotten barsten open met een
Knal en de meisjes ontbloten de kuiten
De bouwvakkers hebben na 'n nare tijd
Weer iets om naar te fluiten
I may not be a 'bouwvakker' but nevertheless I also enjoy that aspect of nice weather. Nicely shaped legs are a pleasure for the eye after seeing all these thick coats and gloves and hats of different shapes and colors.

Call me a sexist if you want, I prefer the word 'epicurist'.

Current Mood: Sunny