Monday, April 18, 2005

Feelings are not useful. I still haven't quite figured out what the evolutionary advantage is of feelings. Both happiness and sadness can influence you enough to make you entirely improductive. Love seems useful for reproduction from time to time but it is not really a prerequisite for fornication.

I guess it is just the time of year for peope to wither and grow old and finally die and go on withering but then underground and becoming some kind of fertilizer for weeds (unfortunately not much flowers in graveyards and way too much cement and concrete and marble and all stupid grave markers....). Can someone please tell me where the 'wooden cross' idea went bezerk into this overmonumenting of our graveyards? I just want something simple for myself. burial hill or so. old tradition, back to the roots. burry me with my recordcollection and then put a couple of truckloads of dirt over it.

Then again... all things considered... where would we be without those feelings. After all, we cherish friendship and love; it feels as quite a relief to be able to hate and swear and make enemies in your head to crush em in persona of the first ant you see (not that I really crush ants on purpose mind you).

Ah well, to conclude with the words of a Flemish philosopher (Ludo Abicht): I have three words for this all: ta ra ra.

Current Mood: pffffft.