Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Still alive, still kicking, still running around more than I'd like and less than I should. Last week went by in a flash. *poof* and it was gone. It was a week with too much going out, not enough sleep and not entirely enough done at work. I should really get a grip of that last part as it is necessary that I start doing something to make it at least more or less fair that I get paid at uni. Not that it has been that dramatically but I feel like I have halted my progress and that is not a nice idea to go to bed with every night.

I feel like I'm slipping and desperately try to hang on to whatever it is that can give me the support to pull myself up and get a fresh and new grip. It is the season for new starts. My tasks here on this plane of existance called 'studentikoziteit' are coming to an end and I now need to find new things to focus on. Now comes the pain of letting go of something I have lived for for the past two years and which has given me both a lot of pain but also a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. I only realize that my time has come now. Time for a new goal in life... maybe I should go on a quest for hapiness or so.