Friday, April 29, 2005

SWAMP Weekend! Hooray. I hope it will be fun. I hope it will be relaxing. I hope it will be the ultimate end of a not too bad year for SWAMP. We had a good year, no matter what the critics may say. Some new active members who seem willing to invest some time in the society and some old members who have grown up to their potential.
We have had our weekly meetings for those who had the time to get to them, we now even have our own room which we can claim and this has at least eased the tension that was building up last few years over the lack of such a room and the continuing struggle to keep our old playing-room for more than one night a week.
Furthermore the t-shirts are being sold, we actually have established a sports-activity and now the weekend, over which we had talked for ages, is finally coming. Cantus, murderparty, the usual drinking, game-playing and other activities make it, together with the wonderful weather, a promising couple of days to look forward to.
Ho-YoHo and a bottle of Lindemans Appeltje!

Current Mood: Looking forward