Monday, May 02, 2005

The weekend is over, working days are there again. It is going to be a busy week again with lots of things to do, places to go to and people to meet.
It was great to be out in the fields again, smelling the fresh manure and having no obstructions in the line of sight for several miles, until your vision fades and the horizon blends all colors into one thin line in the distance. Breathing the fresh air of the country for two days makes it hard to adjust once one returns to the homestead in a city full of cars and grey-looking buildings. It is so easy to forget the sound of cars and get used to birds whistling softly in the distance and the sound of the farmers on their land (with tractors ofcourse but far enough not to hear them). The occasional gang of (motor)cyclists is something I'll gladly take in exchange for the view and rest after they have passed.
Friday started out with a cantus, drinking, singing, laughing, having fun and getting to know the singing capacities of the others (whether you want to or not). It is nice that a circle like SWAMP does not focus itself solely on games but has opted for a nice additional bit of student traditions. It lasted for a while; I think last people went to bed around 3 or so and most of us did not get up the following day before 11. The joys of spare time and a weekend where you don't have to do a thing except for enjoying yourself (and entertaining the others while at it).
Saturday was filled with 'farmers-golf', you take a wooden shoe, put a stick on it and take a ball and then you just hit it and walk towards the different goals. Pretty straightforward (and uphill, downhill and through the cowfields (filled with cows and their patties)) and lots of fun and relaxing etc. (pictures here (and the ones following that pic). At night we had a murder to solve and, almost as much fun (or even more) we got to dress up in funny clothing and silly outfits.
The advantage of being out in the middle of nowhere is that you don't have to be afraid that anyone will see you in the silly outfits; the disadvantage of modern technology is that they will anyway if someone takes a camera. Another advantage is the lack of streetlights, villages and cities in the surroundings. It allows you to look up in the sky at night
and see a multitude of stars that you simply can not find in the city. Every now and then one needs to take a better look at the stars; it is relaxing in a very special way. I don't mean that you have to jump behind a telescope and sit stare and write down positions or so; you don't even have to be able to find the Big Dipper or the North Star...
Sunday was filled with clean-up activities and coming back home, to life, work and cats.