Monday, March 14, 2005

Waking up started nicely. The smell of coffee and the noise of the coffeemachine working hard to provide our heavenly morningbrew are nice background phenomena when having to make the hard decision wether or not to leave a warm nice comfortable bed. The cats were still half-asleep and Lynx in particular wanted some attention before giving us permission to get up.

I got up, opened up the curtains, got dressed and went off to set the table (not part of our traditional waking-up routine). Then disaster struck. The thermos, full of our liquid black gold, broke and ruined the nice and quiet atmosphere (and stained my pants and sweater for that matter as well). Cleaned up the splinters and shards of the shiny inside of our thermos and got some help with this from my wife. Proceeded to set fresh coffee and tried to resume the general mood of waking up on a fine day.

After breakfast, with fresh coffee, i set off to work on at the Journal of Memetics website. As I was working with the radio on, I apparently struck a nerve somewhere in the head of my better half so in the end I decided I'd be better off working at my office.

So now I am here... off to work!

Current Mood: confused