Sunday, March 13, 2005

So why start yet another Blog? It is not like I already tried and gave up on trying later on because of not posting frequently enough...

This time it's different, maybe. I just started out to get an insight on what Blogger can do and to help out a friend who was trying to get a grip on it. In the end she decided that Microsofts alternative was the better one for her and now I'm stuck here with this Blogger thing.
Today is/was rather calm so far. Codexediting was canceled at my place and I'm basically too lazy to go to the new meeting place; call me unmotivated if you like; I call it 'liking the comfort of my own home'.

I spent the afternoon working on the new webpage for the Journal of Memetics, this weblog and playing a bit of Battleon. A lazy sunday afternoon; just the way it ought to be. My evening was filled with pretty much the same; fine-tuning, adding the little tiny-bitty graphics on the side, getting rid of the in-page css and attaching my own external style sheet.

One needs to adjust things to ones own will.