Friday, January 26, 2007

Smokers are the new Jews

The hunt for smokers is an ever ongoing war within our society. Smoking bans are being issued up to a ridiculous level where in some places it is even forbidden to smoke outside. A Belgian school has just pushed one of the possible limits of what is acceptable. They have thought up a system where smokers will be required to wear badges, showing a set of blackened lungs and a slogan "my lungs can look like this".
The anti-smoking community is not 100% happy with the new measure that was taken by the school but the fact that a school can issue such a rule is beyond the imagination of everyone who knows a bit of history...
In a time when racism is one of the most vicious crimes one can commit in the eyes of the politically correct mass of self-convinced leftist groups, it remains possible and even is encouraged to limit the freedom of the smokers. First they were forbidden to smoke in certain parts of restaurants, now restaurants are required to be completely smoke-free and some politicians are even pushing for a ban on smoking in pubs. The European commission recently debated about the fact if employees could negatively discriminate smokers (luckily the answer was 'no').
The segregation of smokers and nonsmokers is something which I, as a humanist, can not support up to this level.

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